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Autor Thema: EF9366 connection - in english.....

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  Erstellt am 21. April 2008 12:32 (#1)  |  Zitat Zitat
Hi Guys,

My German isn't that great so I'll just post this question in English.I hope you can help me on this one......

I've have to repair an old computer controlled measurement tool, that uses the an EF9366 chip (maybe it even is a NKC, I don't know). The problem is that the monitor that was use has broken down, and I have to replace it. Unfortunately somebody has already tried to repair the unit and removed the existing monitor so I don't know how it was connected.

As you might have guessed my question is:
how can I connect the outputs of an EF9366 board to an existing computer monitor/TV screen/...... Do I need to build some external hardware or can I just connect it internally?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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  Erstellt am 21. April 2008 18:52 (#2)  |  Zitat Zitat   PN PN   E-Mail E-Mail

Just look at this schematic. There should also be a shift-register, it's serial out is the Y-component of the video-out. SYNC and blanking signal are created by the EF9366 itself.

If it's an old tool, the is a realistic chance that it's using a TV standard for the video timings. If you have a scope, I would try to measure the Syncs directly at the EF9366. If they match your local TV specs, it should be no big deal to connect a TV. If not, check if the timings are within the specs of a computer monitor.

In every situation you will have TTL Y and SYNCs somewhere at the video board, the external hardware will be a little level-shifting at worst case. If you have luck there will be a standard-BAS signal you can use.

Christian Erker

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